quarta-feira, 25 de março de 2015

Thank you Kojima. And good luck.

Kojima sure made history with Metal Gear. But actually Im kinda glad that he is done with it. For a long time looked like he was forced into doing more Metal Gear and the games didn't came out that great. Some were still good but I really don't like the fact that he dismisses entirelly Portable Ops, wich for me was a great game and much better than Peace Walker in terms of story. I don't like that in MGS5 he is brings back all that cast that I really didn't give a shit about in PW. But still I know it will be a good game. Also didn't like the decision to drop that amazing thing that could have been MGS Rising.. and let it become the trash that was MGR Revengence! 

For a long time people wanted more Solid Snake more context with characters from MGS1.. but instead we got a lot of Big Boss. Anyway it's cool. But there is so much that can be explored there. About Fox-hound, about the time in between MGS2 and MGS4. (where MGS Rising should have taken place). And I believe that there is still hope for a good Metal Gear even without Kojima. Lets say.. we get David Hayter back not only to voice Snake but as the scripwritter! He is a great scriptwritter knows the characters and sure would like to make a good story.

Also to be fair, let the genious that is Kojima be free! Let him finally do what he wants to do! Perhaps some other masterpiece will come from him.. perhaps not. but either way let him be free. I believe that this can be good for both.. him and the franshise.. (not much good for Konami though) and also good to us.

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