domingo, 27 de abril de 2014

Where is next gen?

You don’t need a next gen console not too soon. Thats an advice I give to everybody. I kinda got mine PS4 out of an oportunity. You see Im from Brazil. That Damned place where the PS4 is best known as PS4K. So when I got the chance to buy a PS4 on the US it was kinda of a now or never situation and I choose now mainly because of Infamous Second Son. Im a big fan of the franshise. But besides that, what do I have to play?

Im not a big FPS or sports game fan. An thats about every thing we have on next gen consoles. Update varsions of every other FPS and the current yearly sports games with nothing more than a slightly better graphics. The Xbone isn’t doing great either with Ryse and Dead Rising 3 being the few exclusives worth playing. Other big games like Titanfall are available on a cheaper console and for those that praise higher quality on the PC too. Same goes for every other good game out there on next gen. You could play them on las gen cheaper and graphically its not that big a diference.

But the worst is yet to come. Or not to come to be more precise. Very few trully next gen exclusive games will be lounched till the end of this year. And we see not only those but other current gen titles being delayed till next year! Batman Arkham Knight is to be delayed? Heard a rumor, glad it wasn’t confirmed yet. Mad Max got delayed and its not even a “next gen only” title. With that in mind is it really necessary to have a next gen machine now? What for? Don’t get me wrong I don’t regret getting mine but I shure wouldn’t bought one if it weren’t for the oportunity.

Now that Im done with Infamous, it just sits there. it wants to be played and I want to play it. it just dont have the games yet. And will not have for a long time still. But we gotta live with what we have. I’ll be investing hard on Watch Dogs, getting all the DLC, season pass and whatever to make it longer. Looks like a great game, that will be coming out for current gen too but it was developed focusing on next gen. And we have to enjoy every breath of life those new consoles can have for now. They are barely alive. Makes me wonder were the game industry is heading.

We consumers clearly have high demands we keep buying it we crave for more. But the industry can’t feed us so fast. Development of trully inovative or well made AAA titles are time and money consuming. Every day we are getting less inovative more repetitive games with just better graphics. we hope for inovation evolution but the industry is too scare it’s all too risky. Im not sure what will come of this. Not sure where the industry is headed. But be sure of this, if you haven’t bought next gen machines to play those few exclusive titles just yet, just don’t get them! It’s a great time to have a current gen machine, great majority of games are still focused on it. 

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