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How to make Dragon's Dogma 2 even better!?

Hello fellow Capcom Developers,
Mr. Hideaki Itsuno and the Dragon’s Dogma team,

First of all thank you for making the most amazing action RPG with the best gameplay ever! Dragon’s Dogma has became my favorite game of all time.

As a fan, Im completly interested in Dragon’s Dogma 2. I have some ideas I wish to share about it. I don’t want any monetary compensation for this, I just wish for the second game to be even better. Just the tought of this being read by the developers is a great pleasure and achievment for me. Even if none of those ideas are used or if some were already being considered. Thank you for listening to me. I’ll try to be as objective as I can. So please for give me if I may sound disrespectfull, it’s not that, I just don’t want to waste your preciouss time.

1 - Freedom/Power/Fun to the Player

1.1 - The Vocation Changing System

What’s the problem?
Makes for tedious back and foward running and makes no sense contextwise.

Make it possible to change Vocations at anytime while not in combat.
(makes for a more dinamic game, that don’t force you to beat a flying enemy with a character that can’t fight it properly)

1.2 - ”MultiVocation” System

One of the great things in the game is the fealling of evolution. But once you reached max level on most of the Vocations you begin to wonder what it would be like if it were possible to mix things up?

How would it work?
Being able to “MultiVocation” and mix skills from more than one Vocation, but it can ONLY be done between Vocations that you have already completally Mastered. 
Basically, it doesn’t metter what Vocation you have selected, once you Maxed out a Vacation, all it’s skills become available to use under the menu of any other Vocation that is also Maxed. This way you have no problems while changing. And in the End when you maxed out ALL Vocations, you can make your most unique mix of all skills and build that ultimate character.

1.3 - Double the Skills available!

We don’t need a button to sheathe weapon. Just turn that button in another holster for more 3 skills! That way we could get something like 6 skills for main weapon and 3 skills for secondary weapon. instead of 3 and 3. And the Mage class would get 9 available skills!

2 - Improoving Combat, specializations and monsters

2.1 - Not just climbing!

Climbing was good, but cling and hundred kisses win the game. So more complexity should be put in the climbing mechanics to make it new and exciting again.

2.1.1 - Not every class can climb bigger monsters anymore, and the ones that can do it so diferently.

2.1.1 - Mages and Warriors can’t climb monsters anymore. it just doesn’t make sense.

2.1.2 - Strider related classes:
Can climb faster
Use theirs daggers to climb (wich renders every surface dificulty level one level lower)
Can use a fast movement/dodge while climbing(meaning the monsters will try to atack the climber more)
Does little damage but really fast
Does great damage fast to exposed weak spots(like eyes and open wounds)

2.1.3 - Fighter related classes:
Climb slower
Does moderate damage slowly
Can do great damage to pretected weak spots with Gouge without the need to reveal them (heart under scales, core protected by rocks)
Does massive damage to exposed weak spots (like eyes and open wounds)
Can use blunt weapons to break hard surfaces (such as scales) revealing weak spots
Can’t dodge while climbing 
But can atack hands/enemy parts that tries to grab/hit him

2.2 - Diferent surfaces and effects.
Monsters may have diferent surfaces that influence climbing mechanics and damage.

Fur: easy to climb and hold on. has moderate resistence for all

Scales and Hard surfaces: hard to climb and hold on. has higher resistence agains cutting weapons and lower resistence against blunt weapons(that may brake scales)

Soft Skin: harder to climb and harder to hold on. has lower resistence against cutting weapons and moderate resistence against blunt

Slimy Skin: impossible to climb and impossible to hold on(without daggers). has the lowest resistence agaist cutting weapons and its immune to blunt weapons(too slippery)

2.2.1 - One big monster may have diferent kinds of surfaces all over diferent parts of it’s body.

2.3 - Combat: facing big monsters while on the floor

Combat skills that don’t work properly in bigger monsters shoud work. Like Snakebite and Skewer. And there should even have some new effects and specific new skills.

2.3.1 - Skill fix

Skewer and Gouge becomes the same skill. While climbing a monster Skewer works like Gouge. Therefor Fighter and Assassin Vocations have access to both(wich would actually become just one skill).
As long as Skewer is used the enemy should be prevented from moving/take of(till a size limit. Ogres and Ciclops are held in place, griffons can’t take flight but Dragons can).

2.3.2 - Foothold

Since Warriors can’t climb anymore they get a new skill that consists in trusting the giant blade trough the enemy into the floor. The enemy is held as long as the skill button is held and the player mantain a strugle via the “shake up” bar much like when he is strugling to loose himself but now he is strugling to hold the monster.(this similar sistem can be used for the skill above: Skewer) 
The user is defenceless while keeping hold of the enemy. if used in a dragon’s hand or head can even prevent a dragon from take of or spit fire. Can also be used as a finisher move on downed enemies for massive damage or to keep downed enemies grounded. (while defenceless other characters with shields can protect him)   

2.4 - Interactive enviroment

Give us more oportunity to explode walls and find new places/paths. And the oportunity to use the enviroment in combat. Like make a Rockslide hit a dragon/monster. Or using rivers to drench fire monsters or shock eletric monsters. Or climbing trees to get closer/on top to/of flying/bigger monsters.

3 - The new Vocation and weapons

3.1 - Monk

The monk is a spiritual martial artist. Excells in hand to hand combat. Having some interesting combat moves as skills and some buffs too. (the same way DMC moves inspired DD fighter skills, it may serve as inspiration again). Climbing speed not as good as strider but not as bad as fighter. Barehand attacks are like blunt weapons.

3.2 - Celestial Warrior

This will be the direct Advanced Vocation for the Monk. With more outstanding spiritual buffs and skills.

3.3 - Armored Brawler

Monk + Fighter Hybrid Vocation. Relly more on physical skills, raw combat and defence.
can use gountlets and bucklers. 
Bucklers are smallers shields but in the hands of a Brawler can be used just the same as the shield carring some of it’s skills and having some exclusive ones too. 
Gountlets have some of the same skills as bare handed and some exclusives too.

3.4 - Ninja

Monk + Strider Hybrid Vocation. its pretty close to Assassins but difers as the Ninja can’t use Swords or shields. instead it can use daggers, bows, barehands and the Kusarigama!
Kusarigama is a Ninja exclusive weapon. it’s skills revolving in trip, trap and hold single enemies as also crowd control with area attacks.

3.5 - Priest 

Monk + Mage Hybrid Vocation. Has less physical skills more buff and magic skills. Can use barehands and staffs. Can use Staffs as Bo-staff! (it’s normal attacks are physical instead of magic) gaing access to unique martial and magic skills for the staff.

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