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Yes, I hate FPS. Here is why!

My favorite games always were the beat'em ups. I also enjoyed some shooters. But for me shooters were the games I played with a gun(Lightgun). My Phantom System had a gun. I always liked shooting games such as Duck Hunt and Got'tcha! In the arcades I always played Virtua Cop or those westerns with real actors. It felt amazing. But I've never been much of a PC gamer. I didn’t had a good PC when I was young. And I only played Doom and Wolfenstein 3D on the school’s computers. But I never saw much fun in it. 

The 3D graphics gave me a headache. You had to play on the keyboard and you could not see your character! your “action figure”. Since I was a kid I liked to play with GI joes and the likes of it. So games for me were kind like that. A place to play with “virtual action figures”. So what was the fun in a game where you couldn’t see your “Joe”? Anyway I began to realize the "sloth" involved in creating a game of this genre. There was no need to create, model, and animate a protagonist. The game was basically a camera that the player needed to aim at the target and click! That's it. Unlike many action games, I saw no fun in that. The fun in the action game was to see your character, moving about, fighting, shooting, doing all those classic action hero stuff from movies. And for me the fun in the shooter was all about the gun. To hold the lightgun in your hands aim and shoot (as you were the hero). FPSs on PCs did not work for me because the game does not show you the hero and gives you no gun! I thought it was ridiculous to create a shooter game without a lightgun! When there already existed an obvious better way to play it with the lightgun. Historically the development of FPSs and lightgun shooters (shooters with gun-shaped controller) occurred in parallel as well. Not sure which was first created but I met the lightgun shooters first. For me these were the real first person shooters games. But, of course, were different products aimed at different consumers.

Over the years I tought that the FPS would die, but who died was the lightgun shooters. My true love for shooting games resisted. Even on the PS2 I had two pistols and played Time Crisis 2 with both (as the game allowed). Yes that’s a shooter! I want to see any FPS try to give you more immersion than that. For any FPS to date, even when they give you two weapons, you can not shoot into two different targets. Suck on that! Nowadays with the improved graphics I find it more acceptable to play an FPS. But I still don’t understand why this genre did so well while stuck on a single narrow perspective! Metal Gear Solid 2 was probably the first game I played that gave you the opportunity to change perspectives. To play in third person and shoot in first person view if you wanted more accuracy. From that moment on I never understood why some games were still locked onto a single perspective. I think it has to do with that old programming "lazyness". It’s easier to program a FPS than a game with multiple perspectives.

And with this generation there was the re-invention of another genre the TPS. Third-person shooter games. Sure, TPSs existed a long time, who doesn’t know Syphon Filter? But the genre was improved and regained strength through the new cover shooter mechanic that was made popular by Gears of War. Again Metal Gear was ahead, having already brought the concept of cover shooting but Gears was the first heavy shooter, not stealth/espionage game, to implement and evolve the cover shooting mechanics. Again, with the evolution, I thought that FPS and TPSs would fuze toghether. You would have games where you could change the view according to your preference, and finally finishing of this handycap world that is the FPS genre. But the market sucks and "fanboyism" is another shit. Some people prefer to defend a genre, even if it costs the evolution of games. Instead of having shooting games with free view, (be third, first or whatever you prefer) what we saw next was a succession of frankensteins. FPS games that blend with parkour, with cover shooting, FPS with race and even FPS with RPG! Shit, those were great concepts, but all attached “locked on” to a single perspective! I really wanted to play Mirror's Edge, but I could not. It was simply too sad! Not being able to see a beautiful protagonist. Not being able to see myself doing incredible maneuvers. In fact, because of the fucking perspective, I could not even see anything! And when I did, so what? Seriously, I ask you, what then? Why the hell is cool to see a camera shaking going toward a wall, then turning abruptly, and again and again? You can not understand anything! Pretty soon you see the floor, ceiling, stairs, all very fast! Seriously, if it were cool, action movies would only be made in first person. Having a FPS now and than its ok, but having a hole market locked into one perspective is just sad! Mirror's Edge could have been something so cool. Enough not to be locked in first person. However if this kind of game is so great, where is the sequel? If there is none my friend, is because it didn’t work.

Even a war game is not just about shooting. You run, jump, roll, and all that is always better in the third person. PLEASE developers, remove the perspective restriction! Why not? The shooting games that should be a single genre is still separated into sub-genres just because perspective. All because of a damn limited perspective! Okay, the FPSs evolved. Graphically, some no longer give me headache anymore. Today we see parts of the body of the protagonist. But still it is not for me.

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